Why Upload to GEDmatch or FTDNA?


What is the advantage of uploading AncestryDNA results to GEDmatch and/or FTDNA? Let me count the ways… Here are my top 10 reasons.

[1]. To get additional Matches. (from other companies, including Matches below thresholds)

[2]. To get Matches with emails. And most at FTDNA have real names; many at GEDmatch have real names.

[3]. To get cooperative Matches. A much higher percentage of folks who test at FTDNA will work with you on genealogy. Same with folks who have taken the trouble to upload to GEDmatch.

[4]. To see the shared DNA segment. This is probably the most important reason, IMO! For each shared segment with a Match, you see the chromosome number, start and end locations, cM value, and number of SNPs included. This is technical DNA info, but it is invaluable to those who utilize the DNA beyond just a list of Matches (who may or…

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